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Welcome to our new website for hot foil printing machines and accessories.

Our association with hot foil printing goes back a long way to 1986 and since 1988, we have been supplying hot foil printing machines to individuals who are looking to run their own small scale printing business . We have supplied out hot foil printing machines to those in industry who have a specific need to mark certain products.

The beauty about hot foil printing is the fact that it is a dry and instant printing process which requires virtually no skills. Our hot foil machine takes up very little room and thus can easily be operated on a small desk or kitchen table.

Manufactured in the UK

Our DUT-21 is proudly Made in the UK to very high standards.  Solid built, precision engineering, advanced electronics, asteshic appeal are just some of the hallmarks that makes the DUT-21 stand heads and shoulders above any other hot foil stamping machine on the market.

Thanks to the internet, customers now have more choice than ever. Whilst this is a distinct benefit, it could also be distinct negative as poor quality products are often sold over the internet at ‘bargain basement’ prices
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The old saying that ‘you get what you pay for’ still stands true today as it has always done so. We do not claim to to be the cheapest, but we do claim to offer you the very best equipment at very affordable prices. Our hot foil machine is indeed extremely well built and is designed to last a lifetime. As they are so well built, they retain their resale values far better than other cheap imports.

The process of hot foil printing was previously known as ‘Gold blocking’ where real gold leaf was used to emboss patterns onto expensive leather items. Nowadays, it is more commonly referred to as  Hot foil Printing, Hot Foil stamping or Foil Blocking.

Hot Foil Stamping Machine